Monday, February 28, 2011

The Other Side...

So, I see it all this way, and hopefully will fill in some gaps in Hilary's story.
February 18, 2011: I left a voicemail with Hilary's dad, telling him my intent to marry his daughter. In hindsight, it's never a good decision to leave a message saying "I would like to talk to you about marrying your daughter," but at the time, I considered myself being straightforward. And as I sat there, trying to figure out whether or not he would call back, I decided to go ahead, and go about my day as if I had talked with Lincoln. Accordingly, I went to the jewelry store, and bought Hilary's ring. I knew the one she wanted-thin, white gold band with a collection of small diamonds distributing the shine, instead of a consolidated rock which would catch on things (this is the reason most people are reading, right?). The sales person asked if I would take the ring then, or if she should send it in for resizing. I decided on the latter, as the future still remained in the air. She handed me the receipt, and told me the ring would be ready Tuesday after 5.
February 20, 2011: We're in Alpine, at Hilary's parent's home (is that too many possessives?). We arrived to a house full of Brazilians, which gave Hil and I an opportunity to speak some Portuguese. But it also took away from our objective: I had come to talk with Lincoln about marrying his daughter. After the commotion calmed down, I summoned the courage, and asked to talk with him. I will not go into details, but it was a good talk. It ended with him granting me permission to marry the girl. No thunder was stolen or lost. I found it nice that Lincoln and Rebeckah counseled us.
February 22, 2011: I'm running late. I left campus a little late, and am stuck in traffic. I have five minutes before Hilary gets off the bus from Salt Lake. I run into the store, slam the receipt on the counter, and tell the sales lady, "Listen, I need this ring, and I need it now! My girlfriend's going to be here in just a few minutes, and we're going to pretend to ring shop..." As she is wrapping the ring, I'm thinking of all the ways I can do the proposal:
  • After leaving the store, I can propose in the parking lot. Is there a more romantic venue than the University Mall parking lot?
  • After leaving the store, I can meet Hilary at her house. As she comes out onto her back stoop, I would take a knee and pop the question.
  • I can pull the ring out in the store, but that's only if everything starts going south.
I quickly put the ring in my backpack, and find Hilary. I can't help but smile; she looks amazing. Quickly, everything starts going south. Hilary notices the ring is missing, and she looks so sad as she tries on other rings. I can't stand seeing her this way, so I ask, "How about this one?" I pull out the box. She stares at me for a second, and with tears welling up, she asks, "What did you do?"
"I bought you a ring, that's what I did," was my reply. It fits perfectly, and brings us to where we are now.
Hilary's amazing, as I'm sure most of you will agree with me. She's everything I dreamt of, but did not think possible. No woman can be this perfect with me. I'm grateful we're building, and not just falling in, love. We're getting married in less than eight weeks, on April 23, 2011.
(Hil, did I miss anything?)

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  1. Congratulations. (This is old Brendan from LOL by the way).