Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Fruits of Bountiful Basket

Well, lunch was incredible thanks to Bountiful Baskets. I had some spaghetti and ham on hand (my mom got us a ham on sale the day after Easter, and we divided it into plastic bags and froze it; I had a bag defrosting in the fridge), so I decided to make a fresh veggie pasta.

I made a tomato sauce with three tomatoes, an onion, some fresh garlic, a tiny bit of olive oil, and lots of seasoning from an Italian blend spice grinder from Target.

Then I pan-fried some cubed ham, corn from two of the cobs, and four mushrooms. No oil needed because of the ham.

When the spaghetti was cooked, I tossed the sauce, the ham and veggie mixture, and the spaghetti in a big pan, then threw about half the Swiss chard leaves, cut into 1-inch strips, on top. (We're saving the other leaves and stalks for something else, to be determined...) I let the leaves steam covered for a few minutes, then tossed it up again.

We ate it with some Parmesan cheese on top. It was pretty amazing. I wouldn't have thought of these ingredients together without buying through the co-op this week. So that's good.

Still, we think the price is a bit much for us to pay every week, so we're going to try skipping a week and ordering after that. We'll be out of town for Memorial Day weekend, so we couldn't have picked up our food anyway had we ordered for this week.

Next, we're going to try stuffing some Anaheim peppers with cheese, corn, and ham, then breading and baking them. I also want to try to make corn fritters from my new favorite cookbook, Double Delicious. Because Jessica Seinfeld's recipes call for so many purees, I think I might get the huge 25 lb. bag of carrots from BB next time (after price checking, of course!) so that I can whip up a bunch of puree and freeze it.

I'm also thinking about mango-blackberry-banana smoothies. Mmm. We're also making a big green salad tomorrow for dinner with my family.

Okay, enough of my ramblings. Yay for spring veggies!

Come back soon for updates on our plot in our neighborhood garden...

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