Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fun Facts about Our Trip

We recently moved to San Antonio, and by recent, I mean we moved in a week ago. Here's something interesting things we saw or learned on the way:
  • Miles Traveled: 1620
  • KOA's are really nice. The one in Cortez, Colorado had free showers, electrical hookups, and wi-fi. That night of "roughing it" involved us sitting in our tent, watching Modern Family.
  • There was a synagogue in the middle of New Mexico. It consisted of a double-wide with an Israeli flag, and a sign. It was most impressive.
  • Had a terrific IHOP experience with Nikki. Thank you for your, your aunt, and uncle's hospitality in letting us spend a night in Las Cruces.
  • Between El Paso and San Antonio, there is nothing. Literally. There were a few times when we would try to fill up, and there would be advertisements of gas stations in a few miles. Sadly, Hil (who was driving the Cobalt) found these stations closed, and the towns deserted.
  • A Budget van is economic, but driving one at 80 miles an hour sounds as if the passenger door will rip off at any second. The air conditioning, however, was excellent.
  • Sean Hannity is a bad word. I listened to his program, as he denigrated another man's religion, and blustered his way through no points. I felt the urge to call him up, and call him bad words, but I shan't waste my breath on him or his types. And if you are reading this, my conservative friends, rest assured I feel this way about any political pundit. They are the poison we listen too.
  • The drought in Texas is awful. Estimated losses are in the billions for the agriculture sector. Something to think about.
  • Hil's contribution: It's freaky driving through El Paso, and seeing the Mexican side of the border. The difference is stark.
  • Another Hilary contribution: Southern Utah is still incredibly beautiful. The red rock in Moab was bursting when we drove past it.

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