Monday, November 14, 2011

New Callings

Mike and I love our ward (local LDS congregation) here in San Antonio. We have made some wonderful friends and have been given many opportunities to serve in the ward. Mike was recently called to be a ward missionary, which means he'll work every week with the full-time missionaries (in our case, we have two elders serving in our town) while they teach those not of our faith about what we believe. Mike and I both served missions internationally, so it's been interesting to see how missionaries work in the United States. Even though Mike has a full schedule, he's great about making time to serve. I like having the missionaries around more, too. They bring a great energy and spirit with them. Nothing beats watching them race into our parking lot on their bikes, pumped with the prospect of cold water and tuna sandwiches inside our doors.

I serve in our ward's Relief Society presidency. Because I was new to the area, I was pretty content to sit back and meet people as they felt like introducing themselves. No more! I'm a little overwhelmed trying to match names and faces, but I already feel so bonded to the women in our Relief  Society. We're a diverse group: students, retirees, widows, lawyers, stay-at-home moms of toddlers, stay-at-home moms of teenagers, nurses, park rangers, city planners, writers, music teachers, high school teachers, translators, and on and on. But when we meet, it's like a hundred sisters getting together for a visit. What a great program.

And, to top it off, Mike and I have new callings in this place:
We were asked to serve in the San Antonio Texas Temple as Spanish-speaking ordinance workers. Because of the large Hispanic community here, there are several blocks of time throughout the week that are especially designated to serve the Spanish-speaking population. Mike and I both speak Portuguese because we served in Portuguese-speaking nations, and I studied Spanish in high school and college, but... We definitely have some work to do.

The San Antonio temple is small but features incredible stained glass throughout. The building is literally full of light. I love sitting in any of the rooms and watching the sun play with the different colors and textures of the glass.