Friday, February 3, 2012

Dear Baby: December 30, 2011

Dear Baby,

My burps taste like throw-up.

Anyway. How are you? Do you have little flipper arms yet? Your head still looks like a shrimp, I'm sure. But I'm positive you'll be a beautiful little masterpiece when our nine months are up. I mean, look at your parents. You won't be anything less than gorgemous, right? Errr...

I hope you're healthy. Feeling sick during these early weeks of pregnancy makes me even more anxious that you never feel unnecessary pain or discomfort. I took a long nap this afternoon--I'm really tired these days--and thought about how trapped I suddenly feel in my body. I can't regulate my nausea or my aches. I don't quite know how to calm myself down or make myself comfortable. I don't even know how to describe how I feel, or at least why I don't feel well.

Basically, I'm being schooled in dealing with a fussy baby. Yes. I'm a big ol' fussy baby.

And, uh, just to give you a head's up, we sort of have a baby already. The dog. Sammy. He pretty much rules the roost. So you better come outta the womb swinging. You're going to need all the moxie our genes can possibly give you. Once you're big enough, though, I think you'll be friends. At least, Sammy used to chew on my sister Mary Jane's hair with great affection. So you should be fine.

Your mom

PS - I did not, repeat, did NOT barf today. Hoo hah! [10 minutes later: I'd like to retract that last statement. Ugh.]

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