Friday, February 17, 2012

Dear Baby: February 17, 2012

Dear Baby,

Acne and pills, pills, pills.

My chin has exploded. It's sort of the same zit-look I sported in my eighth grade yearbook picture. I'd post the picture if I had my old yearbooks here in Texas. But women always want to look younger than they are, right? So I can't complain.

One of the most difficult things for me to accept about pregnancy, psychologically, is medicine. I'm really not a fan of taking pills. Not that I can't. I have no problem swallowing pills, whatever their size. I mean, I'm the type of person who has to whine about a headache for two or three hours before someone around me says, "Just take something already!" I'm afraid of acclimating to a medication or, heaven forbid, becoming dependent on it. But in an average day, I take a prenatal vitamin, 1-2 ondansetron, 1-3 stool softeners (lovely, I know, but they've become completely essential if I'm going to take the ondansetron), and 2 Tylenol. I organize my pills every morning with my bowl of Kix, and drink them down with the residual milk.

The prenatal vitamins aren't going anywhere. And they're good for us both, or so I'm told, so I'll leave them alone. I've gotten myself down to one ondansetron these days. Yesterday, I didn't even take one until around 5 pm. I can tell that we're moving out of the first trimester (we hit 13 weeks yesterday) because I have so much more energy, so much more appetite, so much more pleasure in being conscious. While your dad was in class last night, I scrubbed down the kitchen, did the dishes, swept the floor, made dinner, and folded a few loads of laundry (your dad has done about seven loads of laundry in the past two days, what a champ). It's amazing how excited I feel about being able to sit in the kitchen and not feel like I'm going to pass out. And to have two helpings of my famous Mexican enchilada casserolish thingy.

The Tylenol usage has become more frequent because I can feel you growing! I'm no OB, but I think I'm experiencing round ligament pain. It only started this last week. It must be strange for your dad to observe; I'll be sitting on the couch with my laptop resting on my lap, then suddenly my hip bones and the sides of my belly feel twangy and I sort of wig out with overly dramatic flailings. My tailbone and lower back have started to ache, like I fell down hard and bruised them. Hence, the Tylenol.

We go in to see the doctor next week. I'm excited to learn more about you and check up on your progress. I'm already showing in a major way (constipation and bloating are no help, I assure you). I've already whittled down my wardrobe to the few things that still fit. Well, the few bottom things that still fit: 1 pair of jeans, two pairs of pants, and two stretchy skirts. I have a few other dressier skirts that I can still pull off for a while now, and most of my shirts aren't so tight that they don't still fit. I shall postpone shopping for maternity clothes for a while yet.


Your mom


  1. I love reading your baby letters! They are all so sweet and funny. I promise the 2nd trimester is full of bliss and excitement!! I can't promise bliss in the 3rd, but still just as exciting :)

  2. I'm curious about this mexican enchilada casserolish thingy. What do you put in this casserolish dish?