Friday, February 3, 2012

Dear Baby: January 25, 2012

Dear Baby,

Yesterday we experienced an exciting milestone. Your pops and I went to the doctor for our first prenatal appointment. After a full gyno exam (yuck for me to experience, yuck for your dad to watch), we were delighted to learn that you are as healthy as can be determined at this time.

And, we got to hear your heartbeat! Whoosha whoosha whoosha... Your dad wondered if you were running laps in there, you little prune-sized shrimp, you. I'm wondering if your athletic antics are the reason I'm still sick as a dog.

I'm tired of losing so much  food every day. I've lost a total seven pounds since becoming pregnant. Which is hard to believe since I can't button up any of my pants anymore. I've come to terms with living in sweats and skirts for the next little while. I already have a nice padding of tummy fat and a hard baby bump, presumably my expanding uterus.

The doctor was very pleased with your, uh, progress. I said, "But my pants are getting so tight on me!" He just smiled and said, "Hey, mine too!"

I long ago kissed goodbye dreams of being one of those women who doesn't "show" until 25 weeks. It looks like I'm gonna need some maternity garb in the next few weeks.

By the way, your official due date: August 24.


Your mom

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