Saturday, March 10, 2012

A General Update (to a non-baby audience)

Things continue to roll along in the Lemon apartment-hold.

For those of you who were concerned about my daisies (thank you for your condolences, by the way), I have some news on that front. Upon walking Sammy the Pug the other day, I noticed that some of my snapdragons looked especially shredded. Compared to the other snapdragons, at least, which looked decidedly non-shredded. Our neighbor Jesse, watering his new tomato plants, commented that he had scared some cats off my pots that morning. They were digging around in the dirt and, by all appearances, using my snapdragons for scratching posts. I do not know if cats are capable of decapitating daisies, but I'm tired of eyeing everyone in our complex suspiciously, so I shall blame my floral misfortunes on the felines. Until new evidence comes to light, anyway.

I bought an off-brand camera battery charger. It's on its way. You never know how much you'll miss something until it is gone. I miss taking pictures! Even if my only willing subject is the dog, and he's usually only willing because of the lethargy that makes him too incapacitated to object. Depending on the status of our tax return, I might make the jump for a DSLR camera. Time will tell. One complaint I have regarding self-employment is having to pay taxes instead of cheerily filing a W-2. Sigh.

We received a food dehydrator for Christmas (thanks, Mom!) and we finally busted it out this weekend. I'm in love. Yesterday, we made some dried pear slices. The slices dehydrated surprisingly well, considering the fruit was very ripe and pears are a juicy fruit to begin with. They are delicious and sweet and tangy. I like having good snacks on hand. Huzzah. As I write, some applesauce is being metamorphosed into fruit leather. Drool.

This week I brought lunch to a friend who'd just had a baby a little over a week before. It was strange to see her baby, since we had been with her and her husband a few days before the baby was born. There she was. "For reals," as they say. It freaks me out, in the best possible way, to see newborns. How can they be so small? How can they be so huge? Mike and I watched a few birth videos the other day on one of the many baby websites I'm now addicted to. Mike had some choice words about one birth in particular. I know that my body will change to allow this baby to come out. But still. Wow. Youch.

And yet, being around my friend's tiny newborn filled me with the sweetest feeling of calm. Babies do that, you know? Before we were able to conceive, I'd ooh and aah over other people's babies, and Mike would ask, "Do you want a baby?" He never said it unkindly; it was a thing that we did. I'd always answer dreamily, "Yeah..." Now I still ooh and aah over pictures of newborns, but when Mike asks, "Do you want a baby?" I just point to my belly and say, "Got one cooking!"

Somehow this became about babies again. Better sign off before I get swept up in my internal baby-mania.


  1. Careful with those baby websites. I joined a message board on Baby Center when I first got pregnant. After a couple of months, my husband made me promise to not go on it anymore because I was getting freaked out about everything. It seemed most of the people who posted talked about their problems/depression/miscarriages/etc. It wasn't a good place for me to stay sane. Once I stopped, my mental health was so much better! :)

    1. Jenny,

      I go to the Baby Center occasionally, but I feel like most of the women there are a little... Insane? Melodramatic? But yes, I reached the same conclusion your husband did. The constant freaking out is not really healthy.

      Your little boy is a cutie, just gotta say. Congrats, again!

  2. Ok, I have wanted a dehydrator for a while and am looking for a good one? So you really like yours? Would you mind telling me what brand it is? I'd love to get into that:) O and HIlary, I probably watched a hundred birth videos before I had Eleni! For some reason I was addicted! :) It all works out...somehow :)

    1. My mom got us a Nesco. I think she got it at Bed Bath & Beyond. Here's a link for the model we have:

      It comes with four dehydrator trays and one fruit leather tray. The lid contains the heater and fan. To turn it on, you just stack the trays (the base is solid, so no spills), plug in the lid, and set the temperature. It comes with a manual. The manual seemed really vague at first, but once I did some research, drying food is sort of a vague practice. Humidity, ambient temperature, the exact state of your produce, all affect the drying time. So it's a guessing game. I found that I had to rotate the trays a couple of times because the stuff closer to the fan was drying before the bottom layers. Still, the end result was uniform and tasty.

      The fruit leather tray is awesome. I wish I had more than one! We just opened some unsweetened applesauce, poured it on the tray (probably a cup), and about 6 hours later we had fruit leather, which I cut up and rolled in plastic for a grab and go snack.

      The dehydrator is quiet. I thought it would overheat the surface it sat on, since it blows hot air (135 degrees for the pears, for example), but the table was just barely warm. So yes, I'm happy to have it! It's a little expensive, but when you buy fruit at the peak of its season, it's pretty cheap. And dried fruit is pricey! I can't imagine drying meat or veggies. Maybe herbs if I can get my herb pots going!

      So that's my very long review. :)

  3. I was talking to a friend last night about how amazing it is that the hospital cuts off the tags and sends us home with these babies. Who in their right mind would trust me with a baby? It seems like we're in a constant state of wonder, sleep deprivation, worry, and that peaceful calm you mentioned. I am overwhelmed by inadequacy, anxiety, awe, and love, all at the same time. No wonder I'm so crazy emotional.

    You can come back and hold my baby any time--and you don't even have to bring me lunch.