Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last Night

  This, I promise, has to do with the baby. But before I get there, I have a tangent for you. Hilary didn't know this, and most people don't, but I'm a fan of the San Antonio Spurs. I'm pretty sure this factors into our decision to go to UTSA for my MA. But until last night, I had never gone to a Spurs game.
  Since this is Spring Break (for those who are at BYU, allow me to explain. You see, here I start school in the middle of January, and for some unexplained reason, I get a week off in March. I can do whatever I want, [which boils down to video games, Spurs games, and Moby Dick {parentheticals in parentheticals? This is the Inception of blog posts}]. You on the other hand must slave away with only one three day weekend. However, you do get out in the middle of April, and I stay in school until May), I found Hilary and I some cheap tickets for Wednesday's game against the Magic.
  After a delicious home-cooked meal, we left for the AT&T Center. We follow the GPS to downtown, and from there to the East side, to the middle of nowhere. Here's a picture of the stadium:
Now, I have been privileged to see the Mavs play in Dallas, and the Jazz in Salt Lake. Those centers are located in the middle of their respective cities, and look nice. I mean, really nice. The AT&T Center? It's in the middle of "an industrial storage area of the city" says Hilary. It looks abandoned, wind swept. And this is where the four-time NBA champions, San Antonio Spurs play (also, the indoor San Antonio Rodeo).
  Once inside, the center has the appearance of an sports arena. Merchandise is sold at booths. Food is exorbitantly priced (I don't drink alcohol, and at $7 a beer, I'm glad for the gospel). The restroom signs have men and women in cowboy hats and spurs. Oh, and babies, too.
  Our seats were up in the nosebleed, but we were able to see well. The game was exciting. There were several lead changes, with the Spurs going on a tear towards the end of the fourth to seal the deal. For the record, Hilary and I love sporting events. During half time, I talked to her about how important I think these dates and excursions are. We talked about how, even though we'll one day end up in a college town because of work, it is really important to be close to a city where major sports are. I did not have this opportunity growing up, but I would like my children to enjoy going with the family to a baseball game.
  Now, this thought brings us to what many of you want to see. At half time, we asked someone to take a picture for us. 
As we looked at it, Hilary realized her baby bump is popping. So, technically we have taken our child (albeit unborn) to a game. I look forward to many more sporting events with my kids. And if they do not like sports, then I will find other quality activities for them. And yes, that is our first baby bump picture.

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  1. Hilary looks wonderful! Congrats again! And really Mike, you are a Spurs fan? Ha ha Go Mavs! ;)