Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dear Baby: June 28, 2012

Dear Baby,

We did it. Your dad and I graduated from a 4-day childbirth class. We are officially certified to be a part of your birth.


We did get a piece of paper saying we completed the course. And we did learn a thing or two about how labor actually goes down. But (at least in my humble opinion) we are still a bit unprepared for your arrival.

We're 32 weeks today. Hooah! We're getting close. You're getting strong, little man. I stayed in bed a while this morning feeling you kick me. You're head down, so I can tell when you're kicking up high by my ribs and when you're throwing elbows down low by my pelvis. Mostly you kick and retract, but sometimes you stick out your little foot and just leave it there for me to tickle. Weirdo.

But anyway, back to the birth class. It was, of course, very informative, and on our last day, we got to tour the hospital where you'll be born. It was so funny to see a parade of 10 pregnant women plus partners tromping around the labor & delivery floor. I squeezed your dad's hand in one of the labor & delivery rooms and asked him if he could imagine hanging out in there, waiting for you to make your debut. It feels a little bit more real now.

I did have a moment of panic, though, when I looked at a poster of a baby's head engaging in his mother's pelvis. It suddenly clicked that my body was going to feel some incredible, incredible pain. I've been going back and forth on what sort of pain management I'd like during labor. Since I've never had a baby before, I can't really fathom what it'll feel like. Which makes it hard to plan. My intent right now is to play it by ear, and your dad and the midwives are all on board with that.

This is your latest beauty shot. Your dad thinks you have my chin, and his nose. I think I'll need to see you first before I agree with him. I do love your little chin fats.

We think this picture of you is a little creepy. It was cool while the image was live, though, and I could see you blink at me. Well, you were blinking at a sonogram wand on the other side of several layers of tissue and skin, but... It felt like we made a connection, you and me.

As anxious as I am to see you and to snuggle you, I hope you stay in there as long as you need. We want you strong and healthy and chubs.


Your mom


  1. SO excited for you guys! And, your blog header is AWESOME. LOVE the pictures you guys :)

  2. home stretch! love the new banner as well. and all i can say is, an epidural is wonderful, WONDERFUL thing.