Friday, July 27, 2012


Yesterday was our 36 week mark. We're down (up?) to weekly check-ups at the midwives office now.

One thing I love about seeing the midwives is their promptness. I'm usually brought back right away to have my vitals checked and my weight taken ("not a choice favorite" - Trale Lewous), shown a room, and within five minutes, I've got the complete attention of one of the midwives for as long as I need. It's great.

But there are those brief moments when Mike and I must entertain ourselves. The midwives have huge boards of photos and baby announcements from past patients scattered around the office. At yesterday's appointment, we found ourselves giggling at all the cute squishy baby faces, the little noses and tongues and crossed eyes. Because we live in an urban area and close to Mexico, there were a lot of Hispanic names and a lot of creative spellings of traditional names on those boards.

One name in particular caught our attention. A petite white lady and a burly guy named their little girl Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn.

Mike thinks the couple named her in an act of nerdy rebellion. I think (and hope and pray) that they were ignorant of their decision to name their daughter after the bodice-ripper genre.

Did they know??


  1. Hilary, I bet they didn't know. I didn't make that connection and I really like to read (though not that kind of book). I bet they were naming her after the Joker's sidekick: I think she's more widely known than Harlequin Books.

    1. Matt, Mike agrees with you. He surmises they thought it would be awesome. Like all those people who name their kids Luke Skywalker. Sigh.