Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Just Discovered Photoshop Express



My eyes keep volleying back and forth between these two pictures. I'm dizzy now. I mean, one is obviously untouched, the other messed with to oblivion. Do either of them even look good? I don't know anymore. Sigh.

I'm not an arteest. I don't have an eye for such things. All I know is I hate seeing Ugly Photos on blogs. Then I look at my blog and see Ugly Photos. Double sigh.

I've resolved to fix this. I read about how to make your backgrounds blurry. Check. It's still hard to remember what to do with my camera in the moment, when that little subject of mine is being so incredibly adorable. Like, I know I want my aperture setting either way high or way low. But I can never remember which, and I never have the presence of mind to fiddle with the proper little set of numbers to get the right effect. You know what I mean? It's the pressure of the moment! I buckle under such pressure. I wish I could remember those setting guidelines when I'm taking the photos that are making history. Like all those hospital pictures? Triple sigh.

We don't have a super fancy camera. My mom found a bargain on a Kodak camera that's a step up from a point-and-shoot but not a full-blown DSLR (we weren't ready to commit to that big of an investment; in other news, can you believe Kodak isn't making cameras anymore?), so you can manipulate it like a DSLR with manual settings, but there's no switching out lenses, etc. Which is a good middle ground for us.

We also don't have smart phones, so there will be none of this Instagram business. Sorry, filters.

Quadruple sigh.


  1. I know what you mean! Especially with a little babe that grows all the time you want to have great pictures. We still have just a point & shoot camera, but I can't wait to get one with some different settings! ;) PS - the edit is really helpful, because you can't see his cute little face in the first one. :)

  2. I meant to write *that well*. You can't see his cute little face that well. ;)

  3. Either way, Charlie is adorbs :) How big is he now? I want to send him a little outfit.

  4. There are some good tutorial infographics on Pinterest. I have some on my Photo Ideas board.