Friday, January 4, 2013

Swanton Berry Farm

Let's talk about Thanksgiving.

Because it's January and I haven't put up any photos of our Thanksgiving trip. And I faux pas'd it up by kvetching about Christmas before saying a peep about Thanksgiving.


So. We went to California for Thanksgiving. You know. Last year.

I applaud my mother who surrendered to the busy condition in which she found herself this year and bought the Thanksgiving feast from Whole Foods. Charlie was happy his grandma wasn't tied up in the kitchen this year. Uncle Stan and Aunt Murlene live about 40 minutes away from the mission home, so they and their daughter Rachel joined us for the turkey dinner. 'Twas a good time all around.

I only took one picture on Thanksgiving day. Though he partook of no turkey, Charlie felt the effects of the attendant coma.

After Turkey Day, we took a day trip to my dad's favorite beach in Santa Cruz. We stopped at Swanton Berry Farm on the way. Swanton Berry Farm is an organic U-pick establishment that grows produce and makes baked goods, hot drinks, and of course, jams. The entire place is self-serve. I love a place that still trusts people to do what's right. For your visual pleasure:

My mom could tell you all about why the central California coast is so fertile. It seems so counter-intuitive to me, since extremely sandy conditions aren't necessarily conducive to growing plants, but the silt that drains into this region is incredibly rich. No wonder so much produce in stores around the nation comes from California.
Mikey and Mom sampling jam. We walked away with a jar of tayberry jam. Scrumptious.
Loving those jugs.
I am quite enamored with squash. Love this rustic basket. I bought something similar for our living room, maybe for blankets or firewood.
Trish, Charlie, and a nude Howdy-Doody.
Old games and a sweet painted picnic table.
Part comic book, part Hostess Fruit Pie advertisement. Sneaky, sneaky.
Forever young....
Mary Jane challenging her soon-to-be brother-in-law Andy to a battle of wit.
The kitchen: clean, cheery, airy. Drool.
Self-serve till.
Annie and Trish in a thrilling game of mancala. Reminds me of growing up in Connecticut and a few epic mancala tournaments between me and Annie in our bedroom. Good rainy day fun.
The throw-it-all-together school of decorating. Just my style.
The scale asks, "Have you gained or lost happiness?"
Even a little reading material for a Wall Street kind of guy.
Games and coffee table books.
Old train toy.
Kissy kissy.
The end.


  1. I love that place!!! Your pictures brought back some fun memories. =)