Sunday, February 17, 2013

Catching Up, or How Charlie Photobombed our Lives

Well, things have been crazy at the Lemon household since returning from holidays. I know it's only been a few weeks, but we've had our shares of ups and downs. Here are some of the highlights (and "lowlights") from the past month and a half:


  • Since getting back from California, Hil has taken the reigns on getting this family back in shape. Because of her, we are eating out less, preferring to spend the money we would on fast food and dining out on better vegetables and proteins. Every Wednesday, she packs Charlie up, and heads over to the Leon Valley farmer's market. Perhaps it is smugness rearing its head, but I feel healthier because of Hilary's initiative. That said....
  • Hilary also had a run in with an immersion blender. One night, while preparing an herb dressing, she cut the upper knuckle of her right index finger. Had her nail not been there, I'm certain she would not have that portion of her finger. Details on my end are sketchy, because I was at school at the time. I met her, Charlie, and our friend Steph at the emergency clinic later that evening. Our main concern was whether she would recover full mobility in her upper finger, and I am glad to report that it seems to be on the mend. Her nail will be funky for a little, but she is in high spirits (I believe. Hilary, you may want to go over this portion).
  • She's also become a cloth diaper expert. Hilary has been thinking about switching for awhile, and we took the plunge last month. Now, most of you know Hilary well, so you know her penchant for research. And let me tell you, she researched cloth diapers. She watched youtube videos; she had me watch them. She consulted baby boards, and talked with other mothers. We found a company in upstate New York that give people a three week trial of diapers for a minimal fee. So far, we've liked them, and will not be switching back to disposables (because, back to the smugness, we're better than you). Here's our willing model:

  • So, many of you know I applied to PhD programs over the holiday break: the schools were Nebraska-Lincoln, Utah, Texas Tech, Oregon, and Nevada-Reno. They all have good programs for studying Literature and the Environment, and have an emphasis on Literature of the American West. So far, we've heard back from three schools. Nebraska and Nevada are definite no's, while Tech placed me on a waiting list. TTU is our first choice, so if you're inclined, send up a prayer, a kind thought, and/or an encouraging word. We're still waiting on two, so the future's in the air.
  • I turned 29 earlier this month. Hilary posted a picture about it. I'm grateful for the birthday wishes, and hope this year will turn out more awesome than last.

  • Charlie turns six months tomorrow, and he is a hot mess. We went to the doctor for a pre-op appointmet (more on this later), and she told us Charlie's in the tenth percentile for height and weight. He's 15 lbs. 10 oz., and 25 3/4 inches. He's tiny for his age, but he's strong. The pediatrician noted Charlie's leg strength is equivalent to eight or nine month olds. It's those Lemon thighs, really. He also eats well.
  • He is active. He hasn't quite nailed down the mechanics of crawling, but he can scoot rather effectively across our little apartment. Just the other morning, I found him here:
  • As noted above, Charlie will be having surgery soon (in fact, early tomorrow morning). Due to the sensitive nature of the anatomy in question, I will not disclose details. As parents, we do not want to embarrass Charlie, or rather, we don't want to give him ammo for future therapy sessions.
  • Charlie is also cutting a tooth right now. It has ridged in his lower gums, and will be ascending gradually over the next few days. And he's not afraid to bite down.
  • As noted in the above picture, Sammy is here!
  • Also in the picture is Sammy's arthritis. We began noticing some sluggishness in Sammy as we walked him in the complex. Hilary took him to the vet, where we learned our pug has advanced, aggressive arthritis in his lower back. When inflamed, it pinches the nerves in his lower legs, and causes intense pain.  It is not certain, but soon Sammy will start to lose function of his back legs and bowels. We have steroids to manage the pain, but the vet told us to prepare. We cannot walk him as much, so Sammy spends most of his day drinking lots of water (a side effect of the steroids is being thirsty), and laying around.
Sorry to end on such a bummer note, but as I said, highs and lows. We'll take them in stride.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dear Ol' Dad

Happy birthday, Michael/Dad. This weekend we celebrated your earthly debut with the Super Bowl, chili stack-ups, and German chocolate cake. We hope you enjoy your new laptop, the fishing rod, and those comic books you so love.

Mostly, we hope you know how much we love you. May your year be filled with happy moments, new adventures, and at least one successful fishing excursion.


Hilary, Charlie, & Sammy