Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Charlie at Eight Months

Our little nugget passed his eight month mark last week. A dear friend with some serious camera talent (here's looking at you, Stephanie Garis) snapped a few quick pictures of our little man-child in the bluebonnets. We felt like official Texans.

At eight months, Charlie is more inquisitive and intense than ever before. He studies very closely any object he can get in his grasp.

He is fearless and sometimes a bit reckless. He doesn't hesitate when something stirs his interest. He must investigate all new things immediately.

Life is full of surprises.

Charlie isn't all business, though. He loves to laugh. He's very social that way. If he hears someone talking and laughing, he mimics and laughs right along. He's a little ridiculous, and I mean that in the most affectionate way possible.

I love my boy. He's a delight. An absolute delight.

Clapping, probably because someone said, "Yaaaay, Charlie!" He is a very self-assured baby. Not sure we're doing him any favors with the constant cheering, but I guess we'll find out down the road if we've done any permanent damage.

"You want us to pose? Together? Surely you jest," said Charlie.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Charles's First Easter

Happy Easter!
I love the sense of renewal and gratitude that comes each Easter. I spent a good part of the day reevaluating how I parent my son and how I treat my husband, interestingly enough. When I'm reminded how good Heavenly Father has been to me, I can't help but consider if I treat my blessings with the respect and love they deserve.

I'm grateful that I have Mike and Charlie in my life. My two boys. I guess I have two and a half boys if you count Sammy.

First park excursion. Nailed it.
We've been busy around here. Mike received a high pass on his comprehensive exam. I'm extremely proud. It is a feat to pass at all (Mike knows the details better than I, but there's something involving practically memorizing 40+ works of literature), and a high pass is an honor indeed. We're still unsure where this summer will take us. Mike and I have sent off over a dozen job applications, and we probably have at least another dozen to go. PhD or a teaching job? Hopefully we'll know soon.

An homage to Aunt Tamara, our family park ranger.
Charlie is insanely mobile. He could pull himself up to standing by the time he was 5 months old, but didn't figure out crawling or sitting up on his own until the last two or three weeks. Silly little nugget. Now, at 7.5 months, he is into everything and cruising everywhere. He pulls himself up, walks along furniture, crawls, sits up, and has even balanced on his feet for a few seconds before toppling over. I think we're going to have him upright and walking very soon.

He was so interested in food early on, desperate to eat at 4 months, but around 6 months he lost interest in food for a while. He maybe ate 2 or 3 ounces of puree or half a banana with some little cereal puffs each day, no more. His interest and appetite seems to be coming back, as he now goes through about 8 ounces of food in a day and is enjoying strips of toast, plain chicken, a little bit of egg white. Still nursing quite frequently, something he and I both enjoy immensely!

He's a small baby. From his six month check up to his post op visit two weeks later, he had lost over a pound. Right now he's still around 15 lbs. He's tracking at less than fifth percentile for his age. His body is small but his brain is mighty. He's an inquisitive, stubborn pup.

Aunt Simini came to visit. Hooray! And Aunt Trish is coming in May. Charlie has zillions of aunties, and he loves them all.

As for me, I'm amazed at how exhausting caring for one baby can be. Good thing he's adorable. I've also launched an Etsy store, and have been blogging at another address for a few months now. There I chronicle the less personal, more practical aspects of my life. Riveting, I know.

Sammy continues to dodge the Grim Reaper, somehow. Bless his old, crippled soul.

Ah, one more item. We are officially looking for a new camera. We've outgrown our sort of nice Kodak Easyshare z990. I need something with a faster response time, the ability to use multiple lenses, and the capacity to take more than 1 minutes of video. It's time for an upgrade. Any suggestions or recommendations will be met with great enthusiasm! Get to it!