Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Charlie at Eight Months

Our little nugget passed his eight month mark last week. A dear friend with some serious camera talent (here's looking at you, Stephanie Garis) snapped a few quick pictures of our little man-child in the bluebonnets. We felt like official Texans.

At eight months, Charlie is more inquisitive and intense than ever before. He studies very closely any object he can get in his grasp.

He is fearless and sometimes a bit reckless. He doesn't hesitate when something stirs his interest. He must investigate all new things immediately.

Life is full of surprises.

Charlie isn't all business, though. He loves to laugh. He's very social that way. If he hears someone talking and laughing, he mimics and laughs right along. He's a little ridiculous, and I mean that in the most affectionate way possible.

I love my boy. He's a delight. An absolute delight.

Clapping, probably because someone said, "Yaaaay, Charlie!" He is a very self-assured baby. Not sure we're doing him any favors with the constant cheering, but I guess we'll find out down the road if we've done any permanent damage.

"You want us to pose? Together? Surely you jest," said Charlie.


  1. Very sweet, Hilary. There's no love like Baby Love.

  2. Beautiful pictures!!! I love the fence in the background.

  3. He is so cute. Such a good looking family!

  4. LOVE the pictures! Especially the family picture!