Friday, June 28, 2013

Charlie at 9 months. Actually, 10. And Aunt Annie and Uncle Andy visit.

So, what makes the most sense, I think, is to update you about Charlie, and then update you about Annie and Andy's visit, all the while photo-bombing the heck outta you. Do you agree? Good.

Charlie, at 9.5 months, was 16 lbs 10 oz and 26.5 inches (if I remember correctly). So he's still a little guy for his age, right around the 5th-10th percentile for baby boys his age. But, as usual, he is plenty active and curious to make up for his slightness. He started taking steps when he was between 8 and 9 months old, but now he's a pretty good walker. He can cross a room, for example, though he wobbles like crazy the whole time. Holding someone's hand and with some shoes on, he can walk for quite a while. Which is simultaneously exciting, delightful, and exhausting. He is a little reckless and, in the middle of all our packing, Mike and I are on constant high alert as Charlie tries to unpack glass jars, climb bookcases, and eat scraps of tape he seems to conjure out of thin air.

Speaking of climbing, some lovely friends who sometimes watch Charlie for us have taught him to climb stairs! See the video below. Somewhere. Thankfully, we do not now, nor will we in our next place, have any stairs to worry about. Phew.

We will have two bedrooms in our new duplex, huzzah! So Charlie, I love ya kid, but you are on your own! At night, anyway.

Charlie also loves to applaud himself, and others, at the slightest accomplishment. He can wave goodbye. He is fascinated with tongues right now, often walking around with his hanging out, and constantly sticking his  fingers in people's mouths to see if they, too, have tongues. Charlie is observant and has picked up my fake light laugh with almost-closed eyes and scrunched nose. He now does that all the time and it is too adorable.

He's getting a little more sensitive to noises and unusual situations, too. A few days ago, Mike stretched and made a big growling noise while he did it. Charlie jumped 6 or 8 inches up, then his mouth slowly turned down to a frown and his eyes got big and watery. He fought back tears for a few seconds and I thought, "Charlie, what do you want, I will buy you anything!" I am in trouble. He's much more attached to me than he used to be. He's developing some serious stranger danger instincts, and that is fine by me.

As for teeth, Charlie has six: his four front teeth, plus the tooth just to the right on top and on bottom. Cute and lopsided. That pretty much sums him up!

Okay! So then, Annie and Andy came to visit us for Annie's birthday. It was so fun to have them down here, especially since our San Antonio window is closing very soon. We went to La Villita and the Riverwalk, where we took a boat tour. Of course, the day we decided to go downtown, the temperature spiked to precisely six trillion and one degrees, so after the boat tour Charlie and I excused ourselves to the air conditioned car while Mike showed A&A around the Alamo.

We also hit up Rudy's for some most delicious barbecue.

On Annie's birthday we visited Austin, checking out some funky shops on Congress Street and eating some really delicious pizza and deep fried cheesy polenta balls (yes, go back and read that again, it really was amazing).

Thanks to Anne for taking a lot of these pictures. I had my hands full with Charlie and Annie really has an artist's eye and took some lovely pictures on my camera. Thanks for visiting you guys!


  1. Yeah, those are great pictures! Charlie is getting so big! (as is Mike's beard...) :)

    1. Chelsea, I know, right? (On both counts!)