Friday, July 26, 2013

Going Back in Time, or The East Texas Trip

We went to east Texas for a family reunion in June.

It was a packed, whirlwind sort of trip, but fun nonetheless. We saw a lot of family and spent some good quality time with Nana Amy (not to be confused with Nana Lemon, who is Mike's grandmother).

Amy took us blueberry picking (we actually set out for raspberries, but they weren't ready yet and the blueberries were taking off), which Charlie loved! He's now a blueberry addict. Seriously, he's eaten half a dry pint in the last 24 hours. Addict!

And Nana had the best toy Charlie has ever encountered: the iPad.

Mike's mom also got him this cake to celebrate his graduation. The cake was very progressive, looking ahead to Texas Tech's colors as it congratulated Mike on a successful stint at UTSA.

Uncle Rob took us out to breakfast at the famous/infamous Waffle Shoppe. Charlie spilled a whole glass of OJ on me. Thanks, kid. Charlie thinks Uncle Rob is A-OK.

Charlie met his Lemon relatives for the first time. Here's his great-uncle, Brent. An in-law, but a Lemon just the same.

Nana Lemon and some of her grandkids and great-grandkids.

Charlie loves big kids. He thought Emory, Molly, and Ava were so cool. I wish we lived closer to them. Emory is going to be a stellar babysitter in a few years.

Charlie with his dad and his great-grandma. Mike's dad passed away several years ago, but we had a chance to visit his grave before we arrived at the reunion. We also visited Mike's grandad, Mike's brother, and several other relatives buried in the cemetery out in Winnsboro. I like to think they were with us in spirit as we gathered as a family.

Nana Lemon and her beautiful daughters. What a lovely posterity. Mike's dad, Simms, was the big brother to all these ladies. I can't imagine what their home was like with one boy and a whole bunch of girls!

The drive was long but the visit was well worth it. We hope to get out there again next year!

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  1. We've used some of those blueberries in our smoothies and they are incredibly delicious. Makes me miss you when I eat them though.