Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Like a Popsicle on the Fourf of Juwy"

Said Darla, in The Little Rascals.

Actually, this Texas Independence Day wasn't nearly as scorching as last year's. We even had a bit of a breeze. Last year I shied away from any outdoor celebrating because I was great with child. This year, we apologized to our child for skipping his morning nap and went to our church's Fourth of July breakfast. Afterwards, we walked down the street with some friends to our little town's parade.

[We live in San Antonio and Leon Valley. It's a little weird -- unincorporated towns and so forth -- but while we love living in the city, we like the perks of living in a little town, too.]

The parade was perfect: not crowded enough to merit going early and saving seats, not long enough to leave us sunburned and cranky, and not too loud for babies. The candy flowed, and I worked hard to channel Rebeckah Watkins. I cheered every person in the parade as loud as I could!

And now, the proof that we were there.

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