Thursday, December 19, 2013

Charlie at 16 Months

Stats: weighs 20 lbs and is 29" tall. He's still mon petit nugget of cuteness.

  • lots of nonsensical babbling
  • weez (please)
  • gegu (thank you)
  • mama
  • dada
  • kahp kahp (popcorn... he loves Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree)
  • no
  • yes
  • woo-woo (dog noise)
  • meow (cat noise)
  • baa (sheep noise)
  • ah-MAH! (amen, which he enjoys saying with gusto at the end of prayers)
  • oh-koh (ocho, as taught to him by the Spanish setting of his toy computer)
  • ah gah (all gone/all done)
  • blech (just like Michael Scott from The Office; his father taught him that one)

Cool tricks because toddlers are basically the same as poorly-trained dogs:
  • snaps his fingers (or rather flicks his fingers against his thumbs)
  • gives high fives and double high fives
  • claps proudly for himself and others
  • folds his arms during prayers for about two seconds
  • talks on the "phone" (anything roughly 5-8" long that he can hold against his face; he says "yes, yes, yes" during his phone calls)
  • vacuums/mows the lawn with his popcorn popper
  • cradles and kisses his baby doll (then throws him in the toy chest)
  • belly flops onto his crib mattress on the floor
  • does most of the hand motions for Popcorn Popping
  • does most of the hand motions for The Itsy-Bitsy Spider
  • hands me his bowl and nods his head when he wants more fruit
  • says "bye" and waves when no one is leaving the room
  • dances when he hears music (though he has NO rhythm)
  • gives you a back massage when you ask him to give you "pat-pats"
  • makes grabby hands when he wants more food (the closest we ever came to baby signing)
  • rubs his hands when they get dirty
  • pushes his own stroller around the neighborhood, maniacally
  • forces his mouth into the hugest fake frowny face (then bursts out laughing at himself)
  • fake-swims in the bathtub (a future Olympian, perhaps? ha. ha.)
  • throws himself on the ground when he's angry
  • gives AWESOME hugs, especially first thing in the morning
  • gives kisses, but only when he's feeling generous, and they're always of the open-mouthed variety

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Charlie at 14 & 15 months; Tamara's Homecoming; Thanksgiving; and so on and so forth.

Charlie at 14 months

Hanging out in the car. Why not? Actually, I think we were installing a bike rack on the back of the Cobalt. Charlie was dashing for the street, so we stuck him in the car and let him crawl around.

The perma-grubs face. This kid is always, always sticky. I do not understand how this is so. But it is.

Charlie at 15 months

Charlie's curl mullet was getting a little too long. I would have let it grow longer if the hair on the rest of his head had grown at a similar pace. But it didn't. So we went to Sharkey's for the boy's first haircut. It was possibly one of our best parenting decisions.

"Sit in a chair that makes noises and watch three movies simultaneously? Don't mind if I do."

Charlie usually sports at least one mean-looking bruise. It's probably from the daily beatings. (I'm kidding. Duh. He is just an impetuous, physical little kid.)

Bye-bye, cute curls. I think Mom had the hardest time saying goodbye to them. The hairdresser saved them in a little bag for me. I appreciated the gesture.

Tamara's Homecoming

Hermana Watkins I (Trish, aka Hermana Watkins II, is still in the field) returned home from the Arizona Mesa mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about a week before Thanksgiving. Fun story: we were late to the airport to pick her up. Oops! Good thing Tam is the Watkins girl most likely to roll with the punches. Charlie made her a special sign. The two had never met before (I was about 6 months pregnant with Charlie when Tamara left), so there was much bonding to do during our visit. Tam tried really hard to teach Charlie her name. Instead, one night at dinner, without any previous coaching, he stood up and said "Grandpa!" Sorry, Tam.

Tam did go back to Mesa almost immediately to be present for the baptisms of a family she taught. We were EARLY to pick her up that time. Go us!

Chillin' with Uncle Andy, his fave and only uncle on the Watkins side.

Li'l bebe Sputnik is home!

Charlie, Tam, and the Wings.


Stan and Murlene came to visit before they took off to Colorado for Thanksgiving with their clan. We were so bummed that Mike couldn't be there. Lubbock has a tiny airport; flights filled up fast and became insanely expensive. Plus, Mike had a ton of grading to do. So he partied in Lubbock with some friends while Charlie and I spent Thanksgiving in San Jose.

Tam is the pie-making queen. She made a lovely maple pumpkin pie with a chocolate crust and a bruleed top.

Somehow this happened. And was greatly encouraged for some time.

Thanksgiving was pretty low-key this year. Charlie napped while my parents, Tamara, and I ate dinner together. I was feeling under the weather most of the trip. I was so grateful for all the naps I got while Grandpa and Grandma and Aunt Tam took Charlie to the beach, out to lunch, on walks and hikes, etc. We had a great time but Charlie and I were so, so happy to see dear old Mikey-boy waiting for us at the Lubbock airport. Two weeks is a long time to be away from him.

Now I just need to kidnap my mom so she can come entertain Charlie for me while I get ready for Christmas...