Sunday, September 28, 2014

Finding Ourselves in Lamesa

September has thrown a lot at us: out-of-town guests, a shot minivan radiator, a few weeks of severe weather and flooding, two teething babies, Lucy's clogged tear ducts, Charlie's physical confrontations of late with other kids, and generally the stretching of ourselves and every temporal, emotional, and mental resource we have a little too thin. We were so tired today. Just life-weary, you know? Mike went to a meeting before church, then hurried home and tagged me out so I could go sing in the ward choir and take care of a few secretarial tasks before rushing back to Mike and two really cranky, hurting, frazzled kids.

We made ourselves a quick lunch, packed everyone in the car, and just started driving. The kids slept well, and Highway 87 took us to Lamesa, a little town about 60 miles south of us. Mike's grandmother grew up there, but we hadn't visited yet. I got my fill of old signage. Charlie roamed the courthouse grounds. Mike pushed Lucy in the stroller and waited patiently while I snapped pictures and Charlie picked up sticks and climbed on every bench and wall and kicked every little pile of leaves. Lamesa was quiet on this Sunday afternoon, and we paused in the middle of the brick-lined streets, talking about things of note in our lives, catching up on a month's worth of sidelined conversations.

It was good to disconnect from the extraneous bits that had distracted us this month. I feel refocused on myself and my relationships with my husband and kids. If you need to reset your life, I recommend Lamesa.

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