Saturday, December 6, 2014

Little Lulu and Brother Charlie


Little Lulu and Brother Charlie. These two keep me busy/entertained/exasperated/on the verge of a breakdown/blissfully content.

Lucy turned 5 months old this week. She is very vocal and curious. She started crawling (what the...) and can hold herself up against the coffee table, which makes a very nice teething toy in her opinion. But no teeth yet. She's sampled some baby pears, carrots, and apples, and likes them all. She also likes finger-mashed bananas and sweet potatoes. She wishes she could eat real food all the time but I'm feeling weirdly resistant to the idea of her growing up. Sometimes I let her suck on a piece of dried mango but I'm sure that's against some Rule somewhere. She has also started sitting in the seat of the shopping cart and I don't think taking her into the store in her car seat will ever be an option again. She loves it. She especially loves the double seat carts at Costco because Charlie is an entertaining passenger to sit beside.

Meanwhile, Chuck has started potty-training (with ever-worsening results, oy) and has learned that he can make Lucy laugh really hard. He's also learned that she likes his toys and that really, really irritates him. He is obsessed with minions, Mickey Mouse, and Cars, and he loves little cocktail weenies, mango, chocolate milk, applesauce, and clementines. About a month ago, a rash appeared suddenly on Charlie's back. I thought it was eczema, or worst case scenario, ringworm, but it turns out it is an uncommon but harmless skin thing called pityriasis rosea. It's pretty pitiful looking, so the name is appropriate! Sorry for the closeup booger shot, but when your two-year-old photobombs your baby's photoshoot with an eager "cheese!" you just roll with it.