Friday, August 21, 2015

Lazy Summer Days and Charlie's Birthday

If it seems like we didn't take many photos of Charlie's third birthday, it's because we took a ton of video. I will spare you long clips of our kid playing with toys. Charlie requested a blue Lightning McQueen cake. My icing was an awful pale red. The color of gums, I'd say. And the "blue velvet" cake mix I found at Walmart was pretty horrifying. But Charlie loved it, and that's all we were going for.

Mostly, we've been enjoying sunny summer evenings in the backyard. Charlie always forgets to take off his socks until they are totally gross. He is usually much more undressed outside, too. Both Lucy and Charlie love playing with the hose.

Our roses and myrtle have been so beautiful. They love the heat and I can't get enough of the punches of color in the backyard.

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