Friday, March 18, 2016

Our Local Dairy Farm

Even though spring is in the air, I picked the coldest, windiest day of the month for our family to visit Pereira Pastures Dairy, a local dairy farm in nearby Abernathy. The Pereiras are always excited to have visitors, evidenced by their "stop by any time!" attitude. So we stopped by. We were greeted by their friendly farm dog. Charlie felt right at home strolling around with him, checking on the livestock.

We were invited into the dairy to sample some milk (I'm drooling over that delicious creamy stuff just typing this out now) and looked through their fridge stocked with a variety of products--golden butter, Danish sour cream, heavy cream, and so on. We also watched Mr. Pereira and an employee work on their milk, which is low-temp pasturized and non-homogenized (in other words, that splendid cream will rise to the top of the jug).

Then we went to see the calves. Charlie and Lucy were very interested in feeding them, although that mostly looked like throwing a few scraps of hay through the bars and then running away, squealing. I was surprised to see these big Jersey cows galloping, frolicking, skipping down the fence line to greet us. They behave like giant puppies. And I'm a huge sucker for those big black eyes.

Possibly the greatest treat was peeking at the little bull calf born the day before. We watched him hobble over to his mom to nurse, and we heard the other cows in the milking line hollering at the new mom. Regardless of species, moms can't seem to resist weighing in on the parenting of other moms, I guess!

If you're in the Lubbock area, the dairy is definitely worth a visit. The product is delicious, the owners are beyond hospitable, and it is easy to pass a few hours with these beautiful bovines. They also sell at the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market and do milk drops in town once a week.

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